• SANAA: Construction and Structure with works of Walter Niedermayr

    SANAA: Construction and Structure, with works of Walter Niedermayr

    “SANAA: Construction and Structure, with works of Walter Niedermayr” explores SANAA’s construction sites laying bare the projects’ structure and revealing their essence.

    This concept has been investigated through a precise selection of SANAA’s projects, among them Japan Women’s University Library in Tokyo (2019), Bocconi University New Urban Campus in Milan (2019), Tsuruoka Cultural Center (2018), EPFL Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne (2010), Toledo Glass Museum in the United States (2006) that are presented in the exhibition.

    The apparently immaterial and ephemeral spaces designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa are presented through their design and construction process with original models and projections, together with works by Walter Niedermayr, an Italian artist who has been maintaining a continuous dialogue and collaboration for over two decades with studio SANAA. The seven works in the exhibition are part of the serial projects BILDRAUM/Image Space and ROHBAUTEN/Shell Constructions.

    Walter Niedermayr’s diptychs do not represent architecture, but they interpret it. In fact, his works capture the seemingly light and almost ephemeral character of SANAA’s projects. 

    The artist and SANAA studio, each in their respective disciplines, focus their attention on real places, spatial constellations and cohabitations, layers and structures. Both of them manage to visualize seemingly incompatible phenomena, the monolithic and the fragmented, the hermetic and the porous, the amorphous and the solid, in ways that are always new and surprising. 

    Architecture and photography make the construction tangible and the observer aware of the essence of architecture and its relatively visible aspects.

    The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 a.m to 7:00 p.m, until March 17th, 2023.